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What if your story could change someone’s life?

Have you been through a traumatic event in your life? Have you lost your faith and felt like giving up? Then my upcoming book is for you! Read on…

Does Your Faith Need God's CPR-...

Perhaps there is a reason you have happened onto this page. You may be one of many people who have been through a life altering event and reached a point of feeling there is no hope. I know what that feels like. I’ve been there. While I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers (only God’s Word fits that category), I do know that what God has done for me, He can do for you.

I’ve often said, God can take the “lemons” life has handed you and turn it into some of the best “lemonade” you’ve ever “tasted”. But you have to give Him the lemons! Whatever it is the devil intended to use to destroy you, God wants to take it and turn it into your testimony, just as He has done for me! He can and He will!

November 16, 1985 was almost the last day of my life. I was in a horrific auto accident that derailed my nursing career and changed my life forever. Although I was left with a fractured hip, a terrible head injury, a speech problem I still suffer from although it isn’t immediately obvious, due to the traumatic brain injury (my head actually dented the dashboard), PTSD and psychological scars that would last long after the physical ones had healed, through Christ and His healing power in my life, I have triumphed over it all and gone on to write “CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door” (tentative title), which I plan to have available some time in the near future. In the book, I will tell my story, and share with you what God has taught me on my long road to healing in the hope that just as He has done for me, your faith will be renewed, and you will be on your way to discovering His plan to take whatever has happened in your life and turn it into a powerful testimony to help others!

Although the book is still in the editing stages, I do hope to have it out soon. So, if this is you, run, don’t walk, and hit the “Subscribe to my email” tab and subscribe so when it does come out, you’ll be one of the first to know!

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Currently Available:


“Mystery at Windy Mountain” is an emotionally powerful, Native American Time Travel/Family Adventure Saga that was inspired by a very dear late Native American friend and mentor of mine. Although this one has garnered a few negative reviews, as it is my first book, I do hope you’ll give it a chance anyway. Let’s just say, I know a lot more now than I did then, and the best is yet to come! 


“Summer of the Rose”  was inspired by a movie called “Tuck Everlasting”, which my son introduced me to.

Coming Soon:

Siberian husky on blue sky background
Coming Soon! “Sadie’s Love”  (More info later 😉 ) – A Heartwarming Story of a Dog’s Love! Get the tissues ready for this one. Sadie will leave her paw prints all over your heart, for sure! 
“Lost in Crystal View Falls” – (Don’t really have a title yet) – This one will keep you on the edge of your seat…5 year old Logan has disappeared into the woods behind his home….One innocent little boy is about to turn this town upside down.

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