2018 Goals vs. Resolutions: What Will You do with this Year?


If you are anything like me, the first few items on your New Year’s Resolution list are probably left overs from last year, things you “meant to do” or “planned to do”, but somehow, just didn’t get one of those “round to its”, or something came up…

But wait a minute…before you go berating yourself, as I have done too many times, perhaps it would help brighten your perspective to go back over the past year and think of what all you DID accomplish in 2017.

The little picture of me to the left is just one of those silly pics you can do in the Facebook Messenger app, which I did, along with a few others of me and my husband, last New Year’s Eve. Yet, now that I think of it, it is probably one of the best pictures of me from the entire year. I say that not out of conceitedness, or anything like that, but rather, quite the opposite. This coming from someone who, for years, put myself down way too much. I set my goals, but then, things came up and, well, nothing ever goes quite the way we planned, does it? But hey, we all know that’s just life. We set goals, something unexpected comes up, we fall, maybe even cry a little while, but then, we dust ourselves off and get back up and try again, and maybe learn something in the process. Going back over just a few of the things I did accomplish this past year:

  1. Finished the last of four books I am actually sitting on, still editing them, but excited about finally getting ready to have them out soon.
  2. Visited Nashville, TN, with my husband, Keith, where we saw the Oak Ridge Boys at the Grand Ole Opry, and toured the Ryman auditorium, and recorded songs there, then visited Loretta Lynn’s plantation home at Hurricane Mills, TN. Stopped for a rest in Cherokee, NC on the way home, at our favorite “home away from home”, the Dancing Stones Cabin, love Arizona Jane, the owner, she is a realtor in the area. If you happen to stay there, tell her Flossie and Keith sent ya!
  3. Saw my youngest daughter graduate with her B.A. in Psychology from NC State University, returning this past fall to begin work towards her Master’s as she also completes her internship.
  4. Saw all of our children excel in one way or another, whether through graduations, transfers, or job promotions.
  5. Celebrated my parents’ 53rd wedding anniversary in November, and Keith’s parents’ 54th in January.
  6. Celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Keith’s kidney transplant.
  7. Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary December 23rd.

I know, some of those are more milestones than achievements, but they are significant to us for special reasons. Still, it helps nonetheless, to brighten our perspective on things when we stop to think of what all we did accomplish, the family milestones we did celebrate, the blessings we do have to be thankful for. I think too many times, we are simply setting ourselves up for failure (to follow through) by listing all of these things as resolutions. It’s easy to get all caught up in the excitement of celebrating the beginning of another New Year and “resolve” to do all of these things. But then, things happen, someone loses a job, a family member needs help, tragedy strikes. As a matter of fact, I just lost a cousin on my dad’s side, December 2nd, just before Christmas. I still can’t believe she’s gone. On the other hand, a “goal” might be accomplished this year, or it might take a little longer, maybe even two or three years.

We never expect these things to happen. We don’t get out our crystal ball and foresee these things, and pencil them into the calendar. Yet, all too often, as they do, we end up giving up on those resolutions. Discouragement sets in and we just kind of give up on them. Another one to top off next year’s list. I think once you get to our age, it all just sort of begins to merge into your “bucket list” (smiling).

The truth is, as my family has learned all too well the hard way, none of us are ever promised tomorrow, let alone another year. My brother, Charles, only had 9 short years on this earth, but to me, he accomplished more in his short life time than some ever dream of. He made serving God his top priority. So, be realistic in setting your goals, but don’t be so hard on yourself when things come up. We all know as I said, that’s just life. Life. That’s just it. Setting “New Year’s Resolutions”, which we may or may not actually follow through on, is one thing, but then, perhaps it would be more reasonable to think of them as “lifetime goals”. That way, if you don’t get it done this year, it’s just one more thing to add to next year’s list of goals, or your bucket list – however you look at it.

Now that I think of it, maybe that picture of me above is not so silly after all, considering all she accomplished in 2017, and I’ll bet yours isn’t so bad either! So, what are your plans, or goals for this year? Perhaps it’s to finally sit down and write your story – speaking of which, for more on that, click here to read about a book I have in the works, which is one of my “goals” to finally have available sometime this year. In closing, I will just leave you with this to think on as you make your list of ways you would like to make a difference in this world while you are here…“What if your story could change someone’s life?”.

So, if you are still here to be able to ask yourself these questions, then count it as a blessing, because there are too many who didn’t get that chance. Right now, you are “living in the dash”, the little “dash” in between the two years people will see on your tombstone when you’re gone. Click the link to read a touching post on this by Annette Adams, who is a friend of mine, along with her twin sister, Jeanette (and we graduated high school together).

New Year’s Resolutions…or Goals, whether for the year, or things you hope to achieve during the time God has given you on this earth, they are important goals, to you, and those you will eventually reach with your message, your gifts, talents, or whatever you have to offer. Which is better? That is for you to decide. After all, whatever you don’t get around to this year, or the next, will simply shift over to your “bucket list”. Whatever your decision, I wish you all the best in 2018! Let this be your year to make a difference!

If you know someone who would enjoy this post, please share! Be sure to hit the subscribe tab above and subscribe to my email so you won’t miss out when my book finally comes out, or any of my other future releases! Also, check back as I will be doing some more posts in the next few weeks, with some resources, as well as some tips from my own experience, on finally sitting down to write that book you’ve been wanting to write. I also plan to have some free downloads up in the near future (on my “bucket list”, lol). Good things coming in 2018! In the meantime, may we all encourage one another, give a helping hand when needed, and let our light shine for Christ, so that others can see it! 


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