Flo’s Reading Room: Book Reviews

IMG_20120520_081822Here, you will find book reviews of books I’ve read which are some of my favorites. These are books I often recommend to friends. They are also books by authors who have inspired me on my own path to becoming an author. So, in a sense, this is sort of like my own little virtual “library”, or “reading room”, where you can look to find books that I recommend! You’ll see that the first one for Mary McDonough’s Book, “Lessons from the Mountain: What I Learned from Erin Walton”. I’ve met Mary and she’s got a lot more going on these days. She also has 2 more books out now, visit her website to learn more. Now, on to some great reading! I’ve made some changes and if the pages don’t seem to be loading right, just bear with me and check back! If you see any of these you would like to share, feel free! Enjoy!