Books by Flossie Stewart

Books Currently Available:

Click the picture of the book to purchase on Amazon. They are also available on B& Books are available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon, and in print, hard cover and Nook versions on B&N. You can also walk into any Barnes & Noble store and order them. 

                                                     MYSTERY AT WINDY MOUNTAIN  


The past and the present are about to collide…In a way that will leave one family’s future changed…forever! A powerful and emotionally gripping Native American Mystery/Time Travel Adventure that will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget! The wind seems to blow in whispers..Almost like voices in the wind. The Wilkerson family is in for a summer vacation they will never forget…
THE RIVER HAS SECRETS SHE WILL NEVER TELL…but Anna knows a few of them… Now in Hard Cover Edition on B&!


A Coming of Age Time Travel Tale that is sure to be enjoyed by young and old alike! Get it now on Amazon! Available in Print and Kindle.

First book in the “Secrets of Rose River” Time Travel Trilogy! – A Southern Historical Time Travel Fantasy with just the right touch of romance, this one is sure to appeal to young and old alike! Somewhere in the forest lies a secret… Anna and Jonathan are about to discover it… Romance. Secrets. Adventure. A coming of age time travel tale you won’t soon forget!  THE RIVER HAS SECRETS SHE WILL NEVER TELL…



Be sure to look for Book 2 in the “Secrets of Rose River” Time Travel Trilogy, “Scent of the Rose”, coming in the near future!


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